Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tasker?

A “tasker” is just a fun word we use to describe our employees. They complete tasks, so they’re taskers!

Who are the employees?

Our employees, or taskers, are a patchwork made up of our downtown community, some of whom are experiencing homelessness or are insecurely-housed. We hire youth, adults, and seniors. Tasks are assigned based on level of expertise and training, physical capability, and comfort.

How do you guarantee reliable service?

We understand that this is a concern for anyone looking for a home service provider, and even more so when the employees are from vulnerable circumstances. Rest assured, our taskers are highly capable, driven individuals who are excited to have meaningful work and purposeful employment. Every team of taskers will be guided by a mentor who will be there to ensure that the task is completed properly, safely, and promptly.

What kind of certifications do you have?

Our taskers are covered by WCB insurance, and Boyle Street Ventures Inc. is a fully insured social enterprise recognized by Buy Social Canada.