Complete your spring cleaning with a higher purpose in mind. was born out of the need to connect our taskers with the community. We needed a simple, easy-to-use platform that connected our employees with the tasks that needed doing.

Our taskers are employees of Boyle Street Ventures Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Boyle Street Community Services (a registered charity organization in downtown Edmonton). In other words, Ventures is a social enterprise developed by the folks at Boyle Street Community Services to tackle the challenge of poverty alleviation from a different angle – using a business approach. This means that we hire members of our community who are eager to find meaningful employment.

We are a patchwork made up of members of the downtown community who face barriers to employment, some of whom are experiencing homelessness or are insecurely-housed. We hire youth, adults, and seniors. Our taskers are highly capable, driven individuals who are excited to have meaningful work and purposeful employment. Every team of taskers will be guided by an experienced mentor who will be there to ensure that the task is completed properly, safely, and promptly.

So how does a social enterprise work? The money that Ventures makes gets reinvested back into our business and our community, which allows us to support our environment, our clients, and our taskers.

  • Over a decade serving 800+ customers
  • Multiple locations (with plans to expand to other cities)
  • Service within 48 hours
  • Accessible to all